EduJoc Story

It all started from our passion for education and care for children, thus in 2011 we gathered a group of experts (kids from 3-99 years), a few blocks from grandfather’s workshop and started playing...

So we have won our first battle with the TV and screens!

Since April 2011 we play, and learn, create or import toys and games, and invent new ways to deal with and inspire children.

For parents who have no time or they cannot get through stores after toys, we created Chariot of Education, which delivers educational toys to any address.

We managed to attract the most talented and beautiful people around us and in 2014 we have obtained the title of most creative entrepreneurs from Moldova.

We increased grandfather workshop where pieces of wood come alive, and offer you currently an impressive collection of teaching materials, creative sets, decor items, educational and wooden toys and logical games.

In Edujoc stores, parents have the opportunity to touch, test and understand the value and the educational potential that offer our games, also here we assist and help parents to provide the best and suitable toys for themselves and for children.

We are a social enterprise; from registered profit we organize free seminars and workshops for children, parents and educators.

More recently, in addition to activities for children at events, we create fairytale decorations.

Team EduJoc

We are a team of young enthusiasts who express our concern for future generations.
We like to think that we can contribute with parents and educators in training, education and harmonious growth of a new generation, which we like to call Edujoc generation. Victor Hugo said, “With each child that we educate, we win a person.” So let's turn all children into creative and successful people.!

Victoria Novac
Bunelul Vasile
Workshop Chief
Bunelul Victor
Courier - Storyteller


Our mission is that every child in Moldova have in the house at least one educational toy, suitable to his age, talent and preferences.

We will help parents not only to offer children the best and suitable toys, but dedicate more time to children to play together, to read, to walk, to move, to listen and to encourage, thus give them the most beautiful childhood!

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