Where do toys come from?

- We hold a workshop that produces wooden toys and games and we are distributors of 2 other workshops specialized in the production of toys in Moldova.

- In our collection we have toys, games and DIY imported from Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Belgium and China.


Where are toys manufactured?

- We offer products produced in Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Belgium, Germany and China.

- Toys coming from China are manufactured under license and supervision of companies that create and are accompanied by certificates of conformity, quality and hygiene.


Why should I choose Edujoc?

All offered products are carefully tested and selected by our experts;

Edujoc consultants will help you to offer the appropriate toy at the right time, corresponding to the temperament, talent and needs of the child;

Because we bring the Edujoc store directly to your door and you reduce purchasing time from 4 hours to 15 minutes;

If the toy / game is not interesting to the child, you can return it or exchange without much explanation;

By buying from EduJoc Company You support a social entrepreneurship.

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