Happy Clients

Daniela Ciobanu

Builder set "Childhood" delighted not only the child, but the whole family together with grandparents!

Ann Semionov

We gather with great pleasure the map of Moldova. My kid is 5 years old, and he succeeds alone. A store with a wide assortment of educational toys and a pleasant service.

Cătălina Canter

Toys are extraordinary and at an affordable price!

Ion Popa

Wow, it took me an hour to gather the logical cube ... I am shocked by me, I thought that I can not find the solution.

Maria Bobeica Iacobițchii

A great store with fantastic toys and an atmosphere of millions. Definitely we will come back and not once;)

Marina Tatar

Sofia remained delighted with creative set - snowmen! Thank you EduJoc!

Natalya Nekit

Thanks for the wonderful educational toys! We enjoyed very much serving. A lady took our order and explained everything. I received my order just the 2nd day. A friendly and responsible gentleman made the delivery. P.S. they bring more models of toys and you can choose what you like. In general I am delighted! Thanks again!

Olee Sushitzkaia

Edujoc, know that you are wonderful! Smart toys at very affordable prices, friendly staff, shop where I spend with my daughter hours and hours!!!

Natalia Dabija

The games of our children that we provide must be more creative and stimulate the imagination. Children learn through play.

At one of the seminars with parents I played with three wooden cubes. What can you do with them? So many ... But we drew on each side an object, then threw cubes and from the images that fell, we need to do a connection, then a story. Do you think that for our children it would not be interesting? Ehe, only to provoke... To see how they stay gaping when mom or dad makes up funny stories. Communication, knowledge, playing time with friends, analysis - are just some of the advantages of playing together with our children. Those from EduJoc company showed us some simple toys, but so good.

Educational Toys - EduJoc brings together family!

Veronica Pîslaraș

We got a real pleasure to be at this store, where hovers the love and dedication of staff towards their occupation :)

Service of the highest grade! Thank you :)

We will return every time with great joy!

Vica Mazilo

A very nice approach to the game and childhood!

Daria Ergașeva

Edujoc our favorite! Thanks to the impeccable service, care and attention that we received each time, and extraordinary collection that you provide! We want to come to you again and again! I wish you prosperity and implementation of ideas, you are the most creative!!!!

Lidia Topciu

You are bravo that you had this idea!!! With your help, our children will certainly have a childhood not only more beautiful but will be able to enrich their imagination and intellectual world!!! Good luck and success!

Elena Elle

Thanks! We love puzzle map of Moldova! Children solve the puzzle several times and discuss Moldova's settlements.

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