EduParty - Animation for parties

We are experts in teaching and learning through play!!!
Have you participated at least once in the EduJoc activities of major events?

Carriage with toys

Edujoc gives you free time, which you can use as you like, we recommend to spend it with children...
In just 15 minutes consultant that brings the carriage with education will help you to choose the appropriate toy for your child.


It is said that within an hour of playing you can find out about a person more than in a year of discussions, which is why we invite children up to 99 years to play, because play is like love, has no age limits.

Workshop Playing - Laboratory of stories!

Children's play is the method by which they learn about the world around them. Through the game they try to understand, experiment and express themselves.

Educational Workshop

Teaching program for trainers and teachers, which presents the principles of organization of educational activities focused on thinking development using wooden blocks!

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