Workshop Playing - Laboratory of stories!

Children's play is the method by which they learn about the world around them. Through the game they try to understand, experiment and express themselves.

Child's favorite toy is the parent and when became an adult some of the best memories are linked to beautiful time spent by playing!

We invite you to a playing workshop where you will get acquainted with the art of creating stories using wooden cubes.

We create stories that throw us in the middle of childhood and envelop us in an atmosphere of fairy tale, with princes, dragons and princesses. And then keep us

We'll provoke you with several exciting and useful activities with which we could play in the family.

We guarantee warm atmosphere, captivating talks and original stories created by you.

Through the story we learn to pass on the basis of those reported, a life experience, a problem situation, a state of affairs, all competing on finding a solution involving most often, the author with whole personality.

Centers where we organized lab stories - Ingenium, Tony Hawks, Hippo Center.

Price 200 MDL / person (10-30 participants)

We are a social enterprise, and we share our experience with love to others who have a greater need.

We organized this course for free in the educational center for children Ingenium, medical-social center Tony Hawks and behavioral intervention center Hippo.

How you can benefit from this course without cost to you?

If you represent a center or an educational institution you send a formal invitation, invite at least 15 parents, and we come and organize for free the seminar!

It requires a prior appointment with at least 30 days. 

Let's meet among stories!

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